Saturday, 9 February 2013

Unidentified Stamp

I decided to stamp over my Barry M Pink Silver Glitter from the other day using a Barry M Chameleon polish, this one is the one which is blue in the bottle but after I applied a topcoat it changed to a sort of dark purple shade (as it's meant to).
The other Barry M Chameleon polish I have, the pink one, also stamps beautifully but stays the bottle colour after top coat so I'm not sure why this one is different, I'm quite glad it is though as I don't have a dark purple polish like this that stamps nicely.

I'm not sure what the stamped image is meant to be, possibly a version of the Saran Wrap Manicure that lots of blogs have featured?  That's cling film to you and I. ;) 
It's on a Bundle Monster plate along with an image the looks like it's meant to be gradient so I am going to guess it's another cheats version of getting a nail effect by stamping.  Helpfully, I forgot to note which plate it was but if you need to know comment below and I'll dig it out and check.

I'm pleased with how this turned out, the colour combination is good and the glitter under the stamping is pretty effective.


  1. I think that looks really nice, how strange that it colour changed when the other doesn't! I keep meaning to try the "Saran wrap" manicure (lol). x

  2. This looks lovely! I thought it was an extra pretty crackle effect and first! Gorgeous x