Saturday, 23 February 2013

More Stamping with Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint

As you may remember I was REALLY impressed with the way the previous set of Barry M Gelly Hi Shine polishes stamped.  So I picked up the 4 new shades as soon as I could to try them out too, and here are the results!
As I thought these colours are not quite so effective for stamping with but there are still a couple of gems as you can see from the pictures to follow.  Excuse the messy top coat application, I didn't realise how scrappy it looked around the cuticles until I took the pictures!
The colours are Papaya, Greenberry, Dragon Fruit and Lychee.  Papaya, a soft peachy coral shade worked nicely and I can see myself using it a lot, the same goes for the turquoise mint green of Greenberry.  They should be lovely shades for some Easter inspired stamping.
Dragon Fruit is a very pale pink and as such it doesn't show up too well, although I do think both it and Lychee, the nude, would be pretty nice for a more subtle stamp as long as you used them over light colours.

So two out of four are good stamping additions, although I think even they will work better over lighter colours of base polish.  Overall not as exciting as the first group that were released but not too bad and I can forgive Lychee for not stamping so well since I adore the colour on it's own.
Have you tried any stamping manicures with the new gelly hi-shines yet?


  1. I think this stamping looks lovely :)

    I've got, and blogged about, Greenberry and Dragon fruit :)

  2. These work well! I've not tried my gellies yet for stamping xo

  3. Your stamping is so beautifully perfect - how dooooo you do it? I clearly need far more practice :-) I have the Lychee and Greenberry. Great blog :D

    1. Thank you! Some days it works out better than others but I think the main thing is just practice and finding what tools you like best. Good polishes really help as do good plates and a stamper you are happy working with. But I would say the thing that has helped me most is just doing it A LOT! :D

  4. Oh wow! I love these polishes and now I know they stamp too I'm definitely going to have to get them!x