Sunday, 17 February 2013

Kringle Again

I posted about Kringle a little while back and I was so impressed with their speedy delivery and fantastic scents that I couldn't resist putting in another order when they had their wax potpourri on special offer.  This time I added a couple of fragrances I had tried previously; fresh mint and vanilla mint and a selection of new scents to try.
The new scents are plum, french lavender, baker's vanilla, cortland apple, raspberry jam, maple sugar, vanilla lavender, mango and creme brulee.

So far I have tried Mango which is a gorgeous strong fruity scent, it's quite one dimensional in that it does really just smell like mango but it's lovely and fresh and the wax potpourri has a great throw which really filled the whole room.
The other scent I have tried is Creme Brulee, this one is fantastic and I will definitely be ordering it again, it's a soft sweet caramel scent which is so warm and comforting.  I absolutely love it!
So all in all another successful haul from Kringle, now I just need to get on with using some of these and my Yankee collection up so I can buy more new scents to try. :D


  1. These look amazing, but what are Wax potpurri's? Sounds exotic lol!

    Jazz x

    1. They are exactly the same idea as Yankee's wax tarts, basicallt just scented wax and no wick. You put them into an oil / tart burner and light a tealight underneath and as the wax melts it releases the scent. They're great, I love them, because they are only small and not too expensive it means I can try out all the scents without it costing a fortune.

  2. Thanks to your previous post, I took a chance on the Kringle wax potpourri, and I have to say that I am impressed. I have been a Yankee fan for a long time, but I usually let my tealights burn in my tart burner the full four hours or so - with the Kringle tarts I am blowing the tealight out after about half an hour because the scent has come through so quickly, especially on the first burn.

    I won't stop buying Yankee because the staff in my local shop are so lovely and helpful, but I'll also definitely be buying more Kringle in the future.

    1. I'm glad you were pleased with them, I can't see me giving up Yankee altogether either but it's nice to have an alternative and the Krinlge ones do smell great and seem to last ages.