Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Laura Paige - Red Hot & The ALL NEW British Nail Bloggers Round Up.

I LOVE this nail polish, it's the perfect red jelly.  I picked it up randomly in a little independant chemist a while back, it's a brand I had never heard of, Laura Paige, but the colour appealed to me and at just £1.99 (with a free eyeliner!) I couldn't resist. 
These pictures are two coats, a coat of Nubar Black Dots and then a final coat of Red Hot over the top, I love the effect, like little ladybirds or strawberries on my nails.  Although it's technically a jelly sandwich I don't think it really looks like one as Red Hot is so sheer you can barely tell there is a coat of red over the glitter.
The finish is a perfect jelly, so sheer and juicy and squidy looking, I love how this polish looks on my nails, I just with it came in other colours (so far none of the other LP polishes I have seen have looked a similar texture at all).
I've included this bottle shot, pre clean up with horribly dry hands, so you can see what the bottle looks like and keep an eye out in your local chemists in case you can spot and LP bargains too.
This week we're taking a slightly different approach to the British Nail Bloggers Round Up post, instead of the usual text post about what everyone has been up to on a Sunday we've decided to move over to an InLinkz version so you can actually see a little preview of each manicure before you head over to their blogs to check them out.  Hopefully it's showing below!


  1. The BOB is showing, but you don't seem to have added your link yet?

    1. I hadn't! I knew that I would do something wrong. :)

  2. This is a lovely polsih , I haven't heard of it either! Love the mani :D