Sunday, 3 February 2013

No7 Winter Tale

Today's polish is a new shade (I think,I've certainly never seen it before the recent re-brand) from No7 at Boots.  Winter Tale is a sort of dove grey lilac shade which in certain lights seems to have almost minky greige shades to it, it's really quite complex for a grey polish. :)

You may also note the chopped nails, winter and various things needing done in the flat are not being kind to them so they had to come down in length.

These pictures show 3 coats, two would probably have been sufficient but I felt 3 was the ideal for a totally opaque look, it applied nicely. 
Winter Tale is an interesting polish and I'm glad I picked it up, it's a sort of neutral shade that you could easily wear to work but a little more interesting than a plain nude sort of shade.

It has a bit of added interest in the way it changes colour depending on what light you are in.  Definitely worth picking up if you're in the market for a nice, interesting grey.

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