Thursday, 12 September 2013

Ripple Progress

My ripple blanket progress is going well, in fact I am pretty much finished, I was just heading towards the end of the very last ripple and this happened...
Is there anything more annoying?  I was literally just a few inches short of finishing and of course I had no more grey yarn.  I could have ripped out the grey and ended on the purple but I was determined to start and finish on the same colour so instead I decided to just go out and buy another ball of it so I could finish off.

Other than that minor set back I am pretty delighted with how this has turned out, I love the pattern and the colours, although I do wish it was a bit more of an exact rainbow than just sort of in rainbow colours.  Next time I am going to be much more strict about my rainbow order.

It's definitely a pattern I will be following again as it's not too complicated once you get into the way of it and I think it looks really effective.

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