Monday, 2 September 2013

Easy Paris Neon Pink

My third and final set of (painted while on) holiday nails today (told you I was very lazy about changing my polish while I was away!), this time I decided to try out another Easy Paris neon from my mini haul, told you there was a theme to my holiday nails. ;) I was hoping it might be of similar quality to the gorgeous orange I posted about yesterday as it was from the same brand.

The pink is bright, and would definitely be classed as a neon it's not quite as in your face and luminous neon as the orange though.

It's still a gorgeous shade and very bright.  A sort of Barbie on acid pink, definitely not subtle!

It's a very bold colour but it went surprisingly well with everything I wore and looked really gorgeous in the sun, it would be a perfect colour for summer toes, I think.

In slightly duller situations you can see that it does have a neon look to it, just not quite as bright as the orange from the same range.

In some lights it looks really squishy and juicy like a jelly polish and seems to have an almost matte look to it (like the photo on the beach, below), which is weird because it had plenty of shiny top coat on and look really shiny most of the time

And last but not least a final holiday / beach shot before my photos go back to being taken indoors under artificial light in grey Glasgow again.

I have one more neon from my haul to try out, a green, I'm just not sure it's a Glasgow or work appropriate shade...

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