Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Glitter Stamps

I decided to jazz up the very neutral Kiko polish from the other day by adding Nubar Sky Sparkle as an accent nail and Barry M Guava for some stamping.  The plate I used is Gals GA4.

Aside from the very annoying tip wear / shrinkage on Sky Sparkle I'm pretty pleased with how this turned out.  The glittery accent nail adds a bit more interest to the geometric stamping image.

Guava stamped beautifully and turned out a lot bolder and brighter than I was expecting over the creamy nude base.

I used the left hand image from GA4 plate.


  1. These are beautiful! Stamping is one technique I just can't seem to get right! I really struggle with it! Do you hav any tips?

    1. I know a lot of people who struggle with stamping but I seem to be lucky in that I find it really easy, I am useless at free hand nail art but stamping seems much simpler to me.

      I think the stamper you use can make a big difference, my stamper of choice is the XL Squishy Stamper, post on it here:

      You can see how I set everything up in this post:

      I think if you have the right tools and everything laid out it makes a difference, also polish can really make a difference too, I don't have any specific stamping polishes I just use high street stuff that works well. Barry M are fantastic (gellys, denim, foils) or any sort of chrome finishes work well too.

  2. Love this! Im really loving geometric stamping patterns at the mo!