Thursday, 26 September 2013

More Speckled Stamping

I really wanted to try out one of the plates from my new Bundle Monster Holiday Collection so I decided to try one of the designs over my Speckled nails from yesterday.  I stamped over Speckled nails the other week and was quite pleased with the result so I thought I'd have another go. 
I chose a pair of love birds from BM-H22:

In hindsight the design is probably a little delicate for stamping over a busy background like Speckled polish so it didn't turn out exactly how I had hoped, the design is quite hard to make out.

From a distance you can barely tell there is any stamping and up close although you get a general idea of leaves the birds aren't very clear.  I do love the design though so I'll be giving it another go over a plain base colour some time soon.

The lesson here is that sometimes less is more when it come to stamping over a busy background colour, something like my previous attempt of simple lines would probably have worked much better.  Still, you live and learn!

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