Monday, 9 September 2013

Nearly Naked Nude

Today I am wearing Kiko 206, from their French manicure range.  In the bottle it looked almost like it might be a cream colour but on the nails it ended up being a very subtle nude peach pink, sort of shade a bit like Essie Ballet Slippers.

These pictures are 3 coats which gives pretty opaque coverage, the polish is, as I said, from the French Manicure part of the Kiko range so it's quite sheer in order to go over white tips normally associated with that style but I think it works pretty well on it's own.

It's a VERY neutral nude sort of polish and I will admit to being a tiny bit bored with it.  It gives a lovely clean, fresh sort of look to my hands but it's just a tiny bit plain and simple for me.

However. if you're looking for a subtle nude shade that applies really well and is opaque with little or no streaking then this could well be your polish.

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