Saturday, 28 September 2013

Fringing for Crochet

My Chunky Granny Shawl has got to the stage where I think it's just about the right size so I decided to start work on finishing off the edges which I decided to do with some fringing.  I had a hunt online and found various tutorials and how to posts, one example is HERE, so I decided to just follow their lead and have a go.
I'm using chunky yarn for this project and I decided to make my fringe with two pieces of each colour of the yarn I had used for the main body of the shawl:

In hindsight I could probably have done with making the tassles a little bit longer and a little less chunky, it's becoming a bit tassle-tastic the more I add.

My other concern is that it seems to look very retro for some reason, I don't know whether it's the colours or the tassels but it definitely has an air of West Coast America in the late 60s...
Let's hope once it's finished I feel a bit happier with it, or at least like it enough to give it as a gift as intended. *fingers crossed*.

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