Saturday, 21 September 2013

Kiko Quick Dry Nail Lacquer 809 Dahlia Purple

Kiko recently brought out a new range of Quick Dry Nail Lacquer so I picked a couple up to try them when I was in Spain last time, I've previously posted about the blue shade HERE and today I have the other, wine coloured one, to show you.  The shade is called Dahlia Purple and there is a sort of purple tone to it but to me it's much more of a wine or burgundy colour.
The new bottles are a slightly different design and are round instead of the regular square.  The brush is also different, it's larger and flatter than the regular polishes.  I quite like it, the larger size means that it's very easy to cover the whole nail in just one sweep but I do find it a tiny bit less precise than the previous thinner brush for around the edges.

The colour does dry lovely and fast and applies pretty well too, the fast drying nature of the polish means it's not quite as smooth and simple to apply as the regular creams as it's just a touch thicker and gloopier.  It's still fine to work with though and the speed it dries at is definitely a positive.

Overall I like this polish, I can't say I like it better then the regular range though so I hope it's not one of these phase in a new product while phasing out the older, better one.  Fingers crossed that's not the case and Kiko will continue to offer both ranges,

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