Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Chunk Granny Shawl

I wanted to make something for my partner's gran for Christmas and I decided a shawl might be a good idea, that way she could use it over her knees or shoulders when she was feeling a bit chilly.  I decided to go with soft heather sort of tones and a chunky yarn so it should work up fairly fast.  You can see all the project details and a link to the pattern on my Ravelry page; HERE.

So far I am pretty pleased with it, although I do wish it was more of a compact triangle, it feels a bit long and stretched out as the rows get bigger.

I'm pretty pleased with my colour choices (I really struggle to pick colours, I get panic stricken when faced by a whole wall of yarn and can't work out what will go with what) although I'm not sure how heathery they look, there may be a hint of sludge in there too...

The shawl is working up pretty fast so I don't think there should be any issue with having it done by Christmas, in fact I might be able to know up a few other bits and pieces in time too.

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