Thursday, 19 September 2013

Nail Disasters 1

Generally my nails turn out looking pretty good when I paint them or stamp them, whether this is luck or skill is debatable but I love stamping in particular as I find it a simple and quick way to get an impressive looking nail design without too much effort, sadly this wasn't the case with today's nails.
For some reason - either due to my stamping skills being temporarily on holiday or because of the different plates I used - today's stamping effort was pretty much a disaster.  I decide to use a Dashica plate which I got last summer.  I've not used these plates much as it turned out the original ones were a faulty batch and didn't stamp properly, the company replaced them but by the time the new ones arrived I had moved on to other, newer, things and never really got back round to trying them again.
Sadly my experience with them today make it seem unlikely they'll get much more use now, the stamps just wouldn't work nicely for me, as you can see from the following photos the first finger I stamped worked out fine but after that the stamp became blurry and messy looking.
No matter what I did I couldn't get any of the other nails to look as crisp as the first image, they all blurred and smudged and looked generally terrible. 
I decided to try a second design on my other hand but ran into exactly the same issue!
Now obviously the fact that I managed to get one finger to stamp alright means that there IS a way to get these plates to work well but I have no idea what that is.  I made sure the plate and all my stamping accessories were super clean for subsequent stamps, in case any excess polish was the issue, but it didn't seem to make any difference.
So my Dashica plates are being relegated to the back of my Helmer drawer for another period of time and for now I'll stick with my Cheeky, Bundle Monster and Gals plates which all work almost perfectly pretty much every time.
Have any of you used Dashica plates?  Any tips on what it is I might be doing wrong?


  1. I normally end up with partial transfer don't get this much.... but then a lot of my time my stamping doesn't even transfer lol... this post gives me hope!
    How do you find Bundle MonsteR? I find them a little bit shallow x

    1. I LOVE my BM plates, I have just bought the holiday collection and I have all the other previous collections too.

      I find they stamp brilliantly for me, I wonder if they *are* more shallow though and that's why I get on better with them? I feel like the Dashica ones might be etched deeper meaning more polish on the stamper which then gives blurred images, whereas with the BM plates there's less polish so they don't end up blurred for me, but also might mean they don't always transfer as well for other people?

  2. I've give it a few more seconds before lifting it off the plate. I normally get this when I've rushed it.

    1. I'll try that, I do tend to lift it off fairly quickly as that's what works with all the other plates I've tried but maybe these ones give you more time to work so I'll try slowing down. Thanks!