Friday, 20 September 2013

Nail Disaster 2

After yesterday's post highlighting my failed stamping I decided to go for something simple but a bit sparkly on my nails, just regular old polish to save any more problems and leave me with nice, pretty nails with as little effort as possible.
I decided to go for Orly's Fowl Play, a lovely purple based polish jam packed full of flakies.  Unfortunately the nail gods are clearly against me this week...

As I was applying oil to my cuticles half of the polish on my index finger seemed to slip right off!  Now, technically I could have repainted the one nail bur Fowl Play is quite a sheer polish and needs 3 good coats to get it fully opaque and I have never successfully repainted just one nail before.  So instead I decided to whip it all off and start again.

I can only assume that Fowl Play needing three coats and then a couple of coats of topcoat meant that the polish wasn't perfectly dry as I applied the oil and for some reason it cause the polish to lift right off, whatever happened it was most annoying not least because it was looking pretty nice before the incident and I'd like to have gotten a day's wear out of it!

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