Sunday, 8 September 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips - Cherry Me & Pink Punch

I've been keen to try out the Maybelline Baby Lips lip balms for ages now, they're really popular in America and have recently launched in the UK and there's been a fair amount of hype about them online so I decided to pick up a couple to try them out.  I chose Cherry Me and Pink Punch, two of the tinted versions which as well as moisturising give a hint of colour to your lips as well.
The packaging is super cute, I've read some reviews saying it's a bit too tween and childish but I really like the tubes, they're bright and funky and easy to find in your handbag which is always a plus for me, the official pictures from the Maybelline site show them off well.

The lip balms come in a cardboard backed package which is a little wasteful but does mean Maybelline can cram on a bit more information than there is on the tubes and you get a nice fresh lip balm which definitely hasn't been tested on anyone's hand in store before you buy it!

So far I am liking both of the lip balms, they do seem nicely moisturising and they smell amazing, Pink Punch in particular is very moreish, it has a sort of tropical fruit scent to it which I love (it reminds me of Capri Sun's Tropical Fruit flavour - I think it might be passionfruit I can smell?).  As lip balms go they moisturise well but they don't seem to last a hugely long time which means you will have to keep topping them up if you want a freshly moisturised feel and glossy look all day.

As you can see, the two I chose are coloured in the tube.

They're not hugely pigmented but they do leave a nice colour on your lips.  Cherry Me is a red shade and Pink Punch is a cooler, Barbie sort of pink.  I like the pink shade but it is quite pale so it may not suit every skin tone.

Overall I am pretty pleased with these, I got mine on a 2 for £5 offer in Superdrug but they normally retail at £2.99 each.  I've previously review Miss Sporty Dr Balm tinted lip balms HERE and HERE which are only £1.99 each, so slightly better value, for a similar product.  The Maybelline ones do have a nicer smell (I think) and a slightly better coverage colour wise so it depends whether you're going for a bargain or are more interested in colour pay off and something that smells great.

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  1. I love Baby Lips, they are just great