Monday, 4 March 2013

W7 Lava Flow

I bought this polish back in August of last year and did a quick swatch and review of it then but never got around to actually wearing it for a full manicure, shameful, I know.

I really love this polish on the nail, it's a milky white base with red and black glitter sprinkles all through it, the layers of polish make it look like there are more than two colours of glitter but in reality it's just that some look lighter because they are under more coats.

These pictures are 3 coats but two would be totally opaque, I only did a third so I could mess about with glitter placement and get it all even.

The polish dries slightly rough to the touch so I added a couple of coats of top coat to get a fully smooth finish.

Having dragged this one out of my stash I can see me wearing a few more of the W7 sprinkles and the Nails Inc collection that inspired them over the next few weeks.


  1. This is beautiful! I definitely need to get my hands on it. Although I wore one of the Accessorize sprinkle polishes the other day and it was a nightmare to remove :(

    1. They're horrid to remove, aren't they? I put it on over peel off base coat which worked really well then I stupidly forgot when I put on one of the nails inc ones so I'm dreading trading it off.