Friday, 8 March 2013

Models Own - Hed Kandi - Ibiza Mix

Another polish I bought ages ago and haven't worn much since today, this time Ibiza Mix from Models Own's HedKandi collection which launched last summer.  I'm wearing it over Prickly Pear.
Ibiza Mix is a clear base packed full of large and small hex glitter in a variety of colours; blue, green, pink, gold and copper to name some.
These pictures are two coats, dabbed on rather than brushed on.
The polish applies pretty well, like all glitters it does need a bit of pushing around and blobbing to get the glitter evenly distributed but it's relatively easy to work with.

The chip has reappeared on my index finger which is annoying and suggests that maybe it's my nail rather than the polish causing it so it might be time to file them all right back down again and see if that helps.


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  1. Lovely swatches! I love the base you picked! I just had to comment on this post because I am also wearing Ibiza Mix today after not having even looked at it for ages :)