Saturday, 9 March 2013

Kiko Rock-Top 605 & Models Own Indian Ocean

I have no idea what sort of look I was going for when I started out doing this manicure but I am pleased with the results anyway, win!  It's a rather multi-layered affair.
I started out with a base of Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine in Blueberry and then added a coat of Models Own Indian Ocean over the top of that but I didn't feel like it was quite finished, so I decided to drag out Kiko's version of a shatter polish (another polish which has been languishing in my untried drawer for months) and stick that over the top too.
Still not satisfied I added a final coat of Indian Ocean over the top of the shatter to pull it all together and that gave me the final result.  A bluey purple shatter duochrome layered affair, modelled here on my ghostly white flash hand...
I love how the Indian Ocean has given the whole nail, including the shatter polish a duochrome look, it reminds me a little bit of Fantasy Fire in some lights which is a GOOD thing.
Here's a quick round up picture of the polishes involved, complete with smudgy fingerprints:
I have an extra special guest post scheduled for tomorrow so make sure to check back and catch that in the morning.

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