Thursday, 14 March 2013

Rimmel Metal Rush - Pearly Queen

As I mentioned the other day I have been coveting Pearly Queen since seeing it on Claire's blog, nuthin but a nail thing.  Despite my best attempt to match it with something from my existing collection the lure became too much and I caved in and bought it.
Here it is over Barry M Pricky Pear Gelly Hi-Shine polish (which has made it look quite different from Claire's which was over a pale grey base).  Pearly Queen is a milky lilac green duochrome with hints of pinks.
What you don't see in most pictures I took is the pink flash which shows up in certain lights, you can just about see it here, it's more obvious in real life.
I like this polish; it reminds me, inexplicably, of Sci-Fi and aliens and the pictures really don't capture the flashy duochrome color shifts that you get in person.
It turns out, now that I've applied the polish, that I do have a rather close dupe in my collection - Zoya Adina.  Pearly Queen is like Adina's softer, lighter sister, although I bet over a darker base they'd be twins.

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