Sunday, 3 March 2013

Never paint your nails...

...with a cat on your lap, that's the lesson to be learned from last night's manicure.  The reason why you shouldn't?  Because you'll end up with lots of black hairs trapped in your top coat like I did with this manicure!
This manicure didn't turn out how I expected it to at all.  I used Models Own Grace Green as a base and then added Rimmel Daisy Chain over the top.

The effect was an odd silver blue duochrome which flashed lilac under certain lights.

Apparently the daisy chain was more opaque than I expected as it changed the base colour totally!  In the bottle it's a sort of milky lemon yellow with what looks like little flecks of pink so I was pretty surprised when it turned out blue!

Cat hair aside I don't mind the way this turned out, it's always interesting to try an unused polish and be surprised by how it looks but I'll be taking it off tonight as I can't bear to have the hairs on there any longer.


  1. it looks pretty, I love duochrome-y polishes!
    I guess you could always put some black crackle on top to hide the cat hair :)
    Hope you're enjoying your weekend, cheers

  2. hehe, mine are always trying to climb on me when I do my nails! I have a white cat so end up with white fur everywhere! This is a pretty polish, even if it didn't turn out how you expected :)