Monday, 11 March 2013

Sally Hansen Nail Prism Mystery Polish

My reason for wearing this polish was that I'd seen swatches of Rimmel Metal Rush in Pearly Queen over on the lovely Claire's blog, nuthin but a nail thing, and really loved it.  In a vain attempt to stop me going right out and buying more polish I decided to hunt through my collection for something similar and this polish sprung to mind.
Unfortunately, the bottle isn't labelled so I have no idea what shade it is, I thought it might be Lavender Pearl but on further Googling it doesn't seem so.    It doesn't really matter anyway as this polish is probably not available to buy anymore, certainly not in the UK, and it's easily dupe-able should you wish to track down a similar colour.
In real life it's actually a lot more like Not Like the Movies from the Katy Perry collection by OPI than the Rimmel I was hoping to copy.
It's a sort of lavender green duochrome which changes shades depending on the light.

As you can see from certain angles the green really pops.

And with a flash you can see the slight shimmer in the polish too.

Here's a quick, rubbish, bottle shot on the off chance anyone can identify this mystery polish, it's pictures beside Barry M grey which is what I wore it over, on it's own it's very sheer.

Overall I am not blown away with this polish, it's a less exciting version of Not Like the Movies to me so I think in future I might stick with wearing that one to get this particular look and obviously I am now going to have to go to Boots and pick up that Rimmel polish that started this whole post off.
If you have any idea what this polish might be then please leave me a comment, I hate having an unidentified bottle in my collection!


  1. hmm it does look similar to Lavender Pearl, which I have. My bottle looks different than this though, the label is gold and the lid is gold. It would be interesting to compare the two :)

    1. I think to add to the confusion there are a few bottle designs floating about out there so you can have the same polish inside but it looks totally different bottle wise, most annoying!

  2. Looks like lav emerald? Maybe?

  3. It does look like it could be that too!