Thursday, 7 March 2013

Nails Inc Sugar House Lane

As predicted last week when I wore W7 Lava Flow, I couldn't resist repeating the sprinkle look and trying out a polish from the Nails Inc Sprinkles collection, Sugar House Lane.
Shamefully, although I've had this polish for months I've never used it for a full manicure, so this is it's first outing.
The next three pictures have a little clue as to why I rarely buy Nails Inc polishes unless they are very unique or unusual, the chip on my index finger developed overnight, while I was sleeping.  For some reason Nails Inc polishes just do not last on me at all, by the end of the day in work I was wearing a plaster over that finger because the whole nail had peeled off in sheets and looked terrible.
I don't know if it's a formula issue or just that my nails aren't suited to Nails Inc polish but the wear time for me is shockingly bad, especially for a polish that costs £11 a bottle!
Anyway, more pictures, because despite the shoddy wear time I do love the look of this polish.
Sugar House Lane is a minky taupe base colour jam-packed full of black and silver glitter pieces, I think it looks like some sort of very glamorous granite or concrete.
It does have a slightly rough finish so I tend to use a couple of coats of top coat over the top to smooth it out.  Application of the Sprinkle polishes is pretty good, this is 3 coats but they are opaque in two, I just like to try and get the glitter distribution perfect.
Unfortunately removal is a pain in the bum, even using the tinfoil trick you end up with glitter all over your hands.  A peel off base coat is definitely the way to go for quick, mess free removal.


  1. Maybe it's a combination of your basecoat and Nails Inc. I nearly always use Sally Hansen Double Duty as a base for Nails Inc polishes and always get 3 to 5 days wear. If I use a different base I sometimes get the same problem you had - chipping in my sleep! I am a big fan of Nails Inc but never pay £11 - I usually buy the QVC TSVs which work out at around £4 per polish. This does mean I sometimes get colours I don't like, but it also means I sometimes get some very pleasant surprises. For example Cale Street is a colour that I don't think I would ever have chosen to buy by itself - but it looks absolutely amazing.

    1. I don't usually wear basecoat although I know I should.

  2. Lovely! I own pudding lane and I've never used it for a mani either! I really must do. That's odd about the chipping. I find as long as I use a good top coat they can last up to a week on me x

    1. I used insta dri which is my favourite top coat and I never usually have an issue with it.