Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Nfu Oh & Nail Pop Flakies

Nfu Oh Flakies or Opal Series as they are officially known were the first set of polishes I went above and beyond usual means to track down.  To cut a long story short I had them sent over from Estonia by Viis Ilusalong after spending weeks hunting them down and translating pages with Google. 
Sadly Nfu Oh now has a UK stockist (http://www.nfuoh.co.uk/) who charge hugely inflated prices for the polish while also having rubbish customer service, so although technically easier to get hold off they are much, much more expensive and not a site I would be happy to use. 
I'm very glad I managed to get a stash of them from Viis Ilusalong while they were allowed to sell to the UK, as they were not only great prices but also utterly lovely to deal with.  If you live somewhere they are allowed to ship to I urge you to use them for your order and UK ladies I'd stay away from the site serving the UK if you can.
Now, on to the gorgeous polish, today's manicure is a mixture of Nfu Oh 39 (a green turquoise flakie) and Nail Pop 20 (a blue purple flakie) which you can pick up in Superdrug.
I layered 2 coats of each over Kiko 244, a dark aubergine purple.

I LOVE how these polishes look, they shift and change colours in different lights and change depending on what angle you look at them from.
Here is a bottle shot of them:

Even in lower lights these polishes are gorgeous and they really live up to their Opal name, looking like precious stones.

They have a lovely layered look because of the multiple coats which really seems to make them glow from within, so pretty.

Of all the special effects nail polishes I have tried I think flakies are my favourite, they are so pretty on the nail and can be used with so many colours to create different looks, every time I wear one of mine I wonder why it's been so long.

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