Sunday, 17 March 2013

Perfume Collection

Recently I was organising my perfume collection so I thought I would take a few photos for the blog, I have to say I surprised even myself with the amount I've managed to gather.  There are 56 (eek!) different scents pictured.

Here is a list of them, most with clickable links to a description:

212 VIP (2010) - Carolina Herrera
Floral Collection; Iris – Marks and Spencer
In Bloom Honeysuckle & Jasmine – Marks and Spencer
In Bloom Orchid & Vanilla – Marks and Spencer
In Bloom Rose & Amber – Marks and Spencer
Plaisirs Nature Coconut– Yves Rocher
Plaisirs Nature Solid Perfume Lychee – Yves Rocher
Plaisirs Nature Vanilla – Yves Rocher
Smooth Sandalwood – GAP
Ultraviolet Summer Pop - Paco Rabanne
A few of my favourites are described below.
First up my two Creed scents, I love both of these, they were pretty serious investments but I haven't regretted either for a second.  Virgin Island Water smells of summer and holidays and I adore it and Silver Mountain Water is like it's winter cousin; cool, crisp and delicious.  I love wearing both these scents, they really do make me feel better as soon as I put them on.
Some of my favourite scents are by Thierry Mugler, I adore Alien in almost all it's guises and currently, as well as the original, I have the Absolue and Leather versions too, I think this is probably the one perfume I will always replace in some form or another, it's about as close to a signature scent as I could get.

Although I'm not a huge fan of the original Angel I love the lighter summer versions, Sunessence is the one I have currently and although they change year to year they always have a similar sort of scent.

Another of my favourites is the Strawberry scent from Yves Rocher, I first started wearing this about 15 years ago when it was avaliable to buy in the UK since then it's become a bit more hard to find and I now stock up when I go to visit my parents in Spain or if I'm on holiday in Europe.  It's a lovely juicy, fresh fruit scent perfect for casual wear, and it reminds me a bit of my younger days which I like too.

I have a bit of a thing for Iris scents, mostly because to me they smell a bit like Parma Violets, and this M&S version is the most Parma Violet-y of any I've tried, despite the fact it seems to be aimed at an older market I really love this sweet floral scent.

Here's my collection where I store them, in the top drawer of a dresser beside my make up.  I keep them in the cool and dark but I'm far too lazy and messy to put them all back in their boxes, so far it doesn't seem to have done them any harm at all.  You can also see my box of samples in the centre at the top of the picture.

In general I do favour the larger bottles when I buy scents, when I mention how many I have people often say that it's a waste as they will go off, particularly the larger sizes, but I've never found this to be the case with decent quality scents and only very occasionally, after several years, with the cheaper ones.
I'm also quite lucky in that my perfume application is very much of a 'more is more' nature so I do go through quite a lot, especially since I wear it pretty much all the time; including to the gym and to bed which is apparently not generally the done thing. 
Shamefully, since these photos were taken I've added another two bottles (Red Delicious DKNY (because it smells like Parma Violets) & Green Tea Tropical Elizabeth Arden) so the collection is still growing.  I also have a rather long wishlist which currently has several Tom Fords, Jo Malones and the fantastically named Fat Electrician at the top of it.
What are your favourite perfumes?  How many do you have, I know I can't be the only blogger with a slightly excessive collection. ;)


  1. I love alien so much, It's my all time number one perfume and the scent people recognize me by lol x

  2. haha I have quite a few but no where near this amount! My favourite is Chanel Coco Mademoiselle but I also love Diesel Fuel for life, the normal and unlimited version, DKNY Golden delicious. x