Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Revlon Royal is one of those polishes that I felt I should own but I'm not sure why, I've seen it mentioned a lot online but never owned it myself, until now.  I think it was a US release that never really made it over to the UK officially but now turns up on various websites for a bargain price, I found mine for 99p and decided to give it a go.
Royal is a deep, shock horror, royal blue.  The finish is a sort of jelly effect but with the colour being so dark it's not as sheer as a lot of jelly polishes.  These pictures are two coats.

I can't say I'm blown away by Royal, I found the tip wear on it really bad and although it's an alright colour it's not the sort that I really adore.  I can't complain for 99p but it's definitely not caught my attention the way it seemed to do with some bloggers.


  1. I just got that myself, for similar reasons. Not sure I'll be in a hurry to wear it now!

  2. Pretty good for 99p, but yeah, I also hate it when it wears at the tip!