Thursday, 28 November 2013

Kiko - Limited Edition - Sugar Mat Nail Lacquer Set

Christmas shopping is a treacherous activity for the bank balance, one minute you're ordering your dad a nice pair of slippers the next you've stumbled onto the Kiko website and discovered their new range of gift sets, I think what happened next is probably fairly obvious...
I'm a huge fan of Kiko's Sugar Mat collection as you can see from the number of times I've posted about them in the past. Essentially Sugar Mat is a textured polish, the original Limited Edition Collection featured 8 cream and 8 shimmer polishes all with a fine sandy textured finish. They apply beautifully, dry quickly and last really well considering you don't apply top coat.
The easiest way to fill you in on the details is to show you what Kiko have to say about the new Limited Edition Sugar Mat Nail Lacquer Set on their site.
"Eight limited edition sand effect polishes with full shade, pearlescent and glitter colours in a matte finish. The nail polishes are contained in a desirable "Digital Emotion" style case, making them ideal as a gift or to collect.
Formulated with added microparticle grains, giving a three-dimensional textured effect that can be seen as well as felt.
After application, the texture appears sandy, as if sprinkled with grains of sugar."
The 8 new colours in the collection are shown below:  
There are a couple which look similar to other colours in the previous Sugar Mat release or the main collection but it's always hard to tell without seeing them in real life.
 The Sugar Mat collection costs £19.90 and is available now, a pretty good deal if you ask me as the regular nail polish retails at £4.90 each, which means this set of 8 is pretty much half price!  There's also a Satin Nail Lacquer Set available for the same price which I have resisted so far.
Stand by for more pictures and details when it arrives with me, hopefully later this week.

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