Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Max Factor - Fantasy Fire

I love this polish and I've read online that Revlon Royal which I wore yesterday is a great base for it.  I wasn't blown away by Royal on it's own so I was hoping the addition of Fantasy Fire might make me more of a fan.
Unfortunately I don't think FF looks any better over Royal than it does over various other colours I've tried it with so it wasn't really a win on that front and the tip wear of the Royal was still very evident which is annoying.

I so still adore Fantasy Fire though, it's definitely in my top 5 polishes of all time, just look at it's shimmery duochrome gorgeousness!


  1. Did you use SV top coat? Your tip wear could actually be shrinkage from the SV.

    1. No I stopped using SV because the shrinkage was so bad, I use No7 or Insta Dri now and neither of them seem to shrink on me so it is just tip wear unfortunately. :(