Friday, 29 November 2013

Kiko - Digital Emotion - Christmas Collection 2013

Every year Kiko bring out a Christmas collection, although often it's not obviously Christmas themed.  Last year there was Dashing Holidays, this year we have Digital Emotion.  As well as a whole host of lovely make up products the line features 6 gorgeous new glitter nail polishes.

Since I was already ordering the new Sugar Mat gift set and the minimum order on Kiko's UK site is £25 it seemed silly not to add a couple of the new collection polishes to the order too, just to make up the total, obviously...
I like that Kiko don't always do a traditional holiday collection but they do tend to have some colours with a festive sort of  theme to them, this years selection is no different.  The six polishes available from the new collection are:
437 Intuitive Pink
438 Fascinating Burgundy
439 Cyber Red
440 Electron Blue
441 Illusion Green
442 Techno Black
All 6 are bright glitter packed jellies and there's definitely a festive feel to most, if not all, of them.  I was very reserved and only ordered Intuitive Pink, Electron Blue, Illusion Green and Techno Black so look out for some swatches of them in a post very soon.

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