Friday, 11 October 2013

Yankee Candle - New Q3 - Christmas Tarts

I love it when the new quarterly releases of Yankee Tarts come around and Q4, otherwise know as Christmas, is one of my favourites.  This year there are 4 new fragrances available.

Christmas Memories - From the heart of the kitchen, unforgettable moments are brought home again with this comforting recipe of spices and sweets.
Season of Peace - Reflect on the silently peaceful solitude of winters snowfall, captured in this cool, enchanting white musk blend.
Merry Marshmallow - Its a marshmallow world at Christmas! Find happiness in a delightfully luscious and creamy soft concoction of marshmallow and vanilla.
Snowflake Cookie - A new Christmas tradition that is sure to charm, perfectly pretty festive cookies, deliciously decorated with sugary pink icing.
Overall I like the collection, I'm not too keen on Christmas Memories because it has quite a lot of Cinnamon in it and I'm really not a cinnamon fan.  I love the other three though.  Season of Peace is minty and fresh and I can't wait to burn it, Snowflake Cookie is another of Yankee's sugary / cakey / cookie concoctions which I was pretty much bound to love.
Merry Marshmallow is the let down, it smells great in the shop when you smell the jar - like marshmallow, what's not to love - but it's so weak and has a terrible throw when lit.  I was so keen to try it out after the letdown of the very weak Fireside Treats earlier in the year but I just can't smell anything when it's burning.  I don't know what the issue is with Marshmallow scents but for some reason Yankee just can't get them strong enough for me.

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