Saturday, 5 October 2013

Purple Ombre Nails

One plus side to owning almost every colour a brand produces is that you can do these nice ombre style manicures with a matching set, which for my OCD nail habits is very comforting.
These are all Kiko purples in various shades. They are, clockwise from my index finger: 331, 332, 293, 333 and 330 on my thumb.
I decided I wanted purple on my nails but I couldn't pick which purple so this seemed like a nice compromise and a good way to test out lots of different shades together.

Worryingly I could probably have found 10 Kiko purples to use together but this time I decided to just stick with the 5 closest matching ones and repeat on my other hand.

And an added bonus, they match my current crochet project too! :)

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