Tuesday, 22 October 2013

And stickers make 3...

...3 different manicures from one application of polish.  I rarely leave my polish on for more than a day or two but when I do I usually like to make little additions to the plain base colour, like the other day when I added stamping. 
Some days I like the colour or design that I have on my nails so much that I try and think of a way to change it up a bit while still allowing me to keep on the manicure that I like, todays' effort was the application of a few little stickers...
I picked these stickers up in Spain when I was visiting my parents, they were under 1 euro for a whole sheet so they're a pretty cost effective way of jazzing up a manicure for another day.

I think the yellow colour of the little flowers makes the base colour pop more and adds extra interest and depth to the design.

I have a whole host of these little stickers which I really should make more effort to use because every time I do I remember how very little effort can make a big difference to how well decorated my nails look on a daily basis, plus, I shouldn't really buy more until I have depleted the stash a bit. :))

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