Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Models Own - Velvet Goth - Absinthe

I couldn't wait to try out my Velvet Goth polishes from Models Own so I started off with Absinthe, the green glitter.  These pictures are all two coats.

Now, firstly, I have to point out the obvious.  These nails aren't the matte glitter effect promised by Models Own.  In fact when I applied the polish and allowed it to dry I wasn't very impressed at all, I didn't like the dull matte finish to the glitter so I decided to top coat them.

And I'm REALLY glad I did, I love this polish with a top coat, it's super sparkly and glam.

The goth element isn't lost with a top coat, you just get a more sparkly sort of gothic look. ;)

I can't see me ever wearing this polish matte, it just didn't appeal to me that way but with it's full sparkle on show it'll definitely get another outing soon.

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