Sunday, 6 October 2013

Bundle Monster - Create Your Own - Stamping Plate Collection

Today I have a post about Bundle Monster's New Create Your Own Collection which I have just received in the post.  The collection is the result of Bundle Monster asking fans what sort of images they wanted to see on stamping plates. 
If you click on the picture you'll be able to see the images larger in another window.
I have to say I'm not blow away by these plates, they're ok and there are definitely a few good designs but considering these are meant to be created by nail stamping fans I'm not that impressed.  I saw loads of suggestions and comments on Facebook and blogs relating to this collection and there were some great ideas so I was expecting them to be super amazing plates, and they're not, they're good but not mind blowing.
Saying that the plates are only $16.50 for 25 so they aren't expensive and there are a decent selection of images, there are lots of nice full nail designs which is great as they're my favourite kind.  Bundle Monster charge an extra $8.50 to ship to the UK which I thought was pretty steep, however, my order arrived after just 6 days so it's hard to be annoyed at shipping costs when things get halfway across the world in less than a week.

They don't come in a little box like the other newer BM collections, instead they come in a plastic bag, mine was already beginning to burst before I opened it so not great for storing them in.

Here are a few of my favourite images from this set, I love the words on plate 405 and the little origami crane is cute too.

I like the tree sort of design at the top of plate 407 and the delicate patterned hand.

The skyline and fingerprint full nail designs on 414 are great too.

Overall I'm happy with this set, the designs aren't amazing but there are some good ones and for under £16 (incl the P&P) I think I should get a good deal of use out of them.

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