Friday, 18 October 2013

Christmas Crochet - Snowflakes

 I'm making an attempt to get ahead with Christmas planning this year and I wanted to try and make some form of decoration for the flat. You may remember that I brought back some thin crochet cotton from Spain with me, this seemed like the ideal way to try it out.   Although I have to admit it was by far the most fiddly crochet I have ever attempted due to the thin cotton and small hook.

I saw that Lucy from Attic24 had a pattern for snowflakes and since I generally get on alright with her instructions I decided to give it a bash, she uses much thicker yarn though on a bigger hook.  My hook is a 2mm one which is by far the thinnest I have ever crocheted with so far.
Despite that I think my first attempt went quite well...

The only issue is that making it with such thin cotton and a small hook the snowflakes ended up being rather smaller than I had hoped...

I'm going to need A LOT of these to actually create anything worthy of using it to decorate with!


  1. These would look really cute as xmas tree decorations :-) x

    1. That's one of the plans for them, I was going to make mini bunting with them but I'm not sure I have the patience to make enough. :D