Saturday, 12 October 2013


This manicure is shamelessly copied from a picture I saw on FB, which I now can't find to give credit to, so sorry!  If it was you or you know who did the original design then let me know in the comments.
I decided to stamp over yesterday's Amethyst Velvet Goth polish and I was keen to try out a plate from the new Bundle Monster collection so having seen this cute design elsewhere I decided to copy.
Octopus nails!  I used two images from Bundle Monster plate BM 401.  A full octopus design and another tentacle design to give the impression the octopus was all over my nails.

It's just as well that there was a separate tentacle design because the full octopus was WAY too big to fit on my nails, despite that I'm pretty pleased with how this turned out

I think the tentacles would also be great for a Halloween style manicure too so I might try that out soon since we're getting to that time of year.

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