Monday, 21 October 2013

Christmas Crochet - Bunting

My second idea for Christmas, crochet wise, is to try and make some bunting.  Again I think I will probably end up going with Lucy from Attic24's pattern as it seems simple enough and the bunting for Yarndale looked pretty effective.
To keep it looking Christmasssy I decided to use very specific colours, and a new type of yarn...
After having read about Rico creative cotton on various blogs I was really keen to try it out but not quite brave enough, or rich enough, to order enough to make a full blanket without knowing I would love it.  So I thought choosing a selection of festive colours and making some bunting might be a good start amd would give me an idea how it was to work with.

Hopefully the colours alone will make it obviously Christmassy although I can't help thinking ITALY when I look at the pictures. :D  I'll post an update when I've had a go and, hopefully, created a few triangles!

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