Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Sally Hansen - Nail Prisms - Amber Ruby

Somehow I have managed to get a totally different look to the last time I wore and posted about this polish.  I shan't complain though, this time it shows off it's duochrome gorgeousness much better.

Although still not as well as it does in real life, the colours shift from a deep wine red through bronze and gold and finish up with a green tint.  These pictures are 3 coats with no base colour, the polish is quite thin but worth layering up for the effect you're left with.

Under bright lights there's an almost chocolate sort colour and the glittery sparkle is shown off beautifully too.

This is the best gold green photo I could get, it's obvious in person but so hard to photograph.

I love this polish, it's such a shame that the Prisms are so hard to find and that Sally Hansen doesn't have anything similar in the current collections they do.

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