Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Barry M - Gelly Hi Shine - Lychee

A nice neutral nude today, Barry M's Lychee from the Gelly Hi Shine range.

These pictures are all two coats with top coat.


  1. This is a nice nude color nail polish. I wanna try this one out for I usually prefer nude ones for they match any color outfit.

  2. I class Barry M Lychee as the first nude I ever got, so obviously fairly recently - I'm in love it's so good on it's own or as a base for nail art...
    And I know the point of the Gelly range is Hi-Shine but this also looks KILLER with a matte top coat on.
    Just thought I'd share my love haha x

  3. Oh! I've never thought to try it with a matte top coat, good idea! I love it as a nail art base though, as you can see from the subsiquent post. :D