Wednesday, 24 April 2013

W7 & In Vogue Suede Nail Art

There's a good reason why I don't do freehand nail art very often, it always ends up looking a bit rubbish.  This attempt is no different.
Some People are excellent when left to their own devices with a dotting tool, I am not.
To create this look I painted my nails with Aqua Suede and then taped off half the nail on an angle, then I applied In Vogue Emerald Dust over the top to create the two tone look.
Next up I dotted Pink and Purple Suede over the join to add a dotty effect.  Finally I added a top coat to take away the suede effect and make the surface a little bit smoother.
Overall not too bad an effort but my dotting skills are still put to shame by the rest of the blogging world.  One of the many reasons I stamp instead of freehand 95% of the time.


  1. I think this looks good! And I know how you feel. I am absolutely hopeless at using dotting tools!!!!

    1. Thank you, I'm glad it's not just me who struggles.

  2. Love the suede effect and nothing to worry about your freehand is great!!!

  3. Totally gorgeous - and perfect colours to keep the sun around!

  4. Gorgeous! and don't put yourself down, this is brilliant x

  5. This is so pretty. I absolutely love it!