Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Kiko Sugar Mat - 646 - Starry Black

Another of my Sugar Mat polishes by Kiko today, this time 646 Starry Black.
I LOVE this polish, it's like glittery, sparkly concrete on the nail.  Yet again I was surprised by how much I loved the Sugar Mat's rough finish.

As with Golden Mandarin the application was really easy and the polish dried super fast, which is great since I can't make use of my usual quick dry top coats with these polishes. 

The finish on this polish is really quite glittery which I wasn't expecting, I was expecting a vague hint of glitter buried under the matte look polish but in reality you can easily see the glitter peeking out which makes it a much more interesting finish.  Another winner, I can't wait to try the others in the range out now too!

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