Saturday, 13 April 2013

Kiko Sugar Mat - 643 - Spring Green

Another of the gorgeous Kiko Sugar Mat Collection today, this time Spring Green, a bright bold green colour with golden shimmery particles.  Another one that is going on my LOVE list.
As with the other colours from this collection the polish applies beautifully, it's smooth and easy to apply which surprises me as I imagined the textured element of the polish would make it more tricky to apply, wrong again.  The polish also dries really quickly.

The shimmer in this polish is really pretty, although it looks very gold in the bottle once it's on the nail it sometimes has a nice green tint to it which is nice and a bit different.

I'm so impressed with the Sugar Mat collection, I didn't expect to like them half as much as I do but the combination of subtle texture and the shimmer to lighten up the matte effect of the polish really is a winning combination in my world.

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