Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Kiko Mirror Collection Nail Lacquer - Stamping!

I posted about these Mirror polishes here when I got my latest Kiko haul from Spain.  My main reason for ordering the Mirror effect was that I was hoping they might be good for stamping.  Thankfully, I wasn't disappointed!
I stamped over a Sugar Mat polish, Starry Black which is a textured finish, so I don't think these pictures show off the Mirror effect nail lacquer to it's full potential but that just makes it even better, I can't wait to try it out over a regular polish when it worked so well over the textured Sugar Mat effect.
The colours I tried are detailed below:
Index: 619 Red Peony
Middle: 621 Violet
Ring: 626 Lawn Green
Pinkie: 629 Copper
And here's how they came out!
I am so pleased, despite the pitted bumpy texture of my nails these stamped only really clearly and very opaque.  They were super easy to work with and pretty much ideal for stamping.

As you can see the colour is opaque and bright even over a really dark base colour.

I can't wait to try these out with some other stamping plates and base shades, then I'll start making a list of what other colours I need to pick up next time I'm in Kiko. ;)


  1. They are incredibly good. I thought for a second that the black had been stamped over the kiko polish.

    There is one kiko store in Westfield, London so I might have to drop by there at the weekend (payday!!!)


    1. Funnily enough I looked at them at one point while I had the polish on and thought 'that black didn't stamp very evenly there' and then realised that it wasn't the black that was stamped! :D They are so opaque, definitely worth picking up if you stamp.

      I wish we had a Kiko store up here, I adore going in when I visit my parents in Spain.

  2. Oooooh, those look excellent. I must get some!