Friday, 26 April 2013

Technic Mad Alice

As soon as I saw Mad Alice on Claire's blog, Nuthin but a nail thing, I knew I had to have it and being the lovely creature that she is Claire offered to send me a bottle in the post, she managed to find it for just £1 a bottle!

Mad Alice is a dark purple gelly crammed full of multi-coloured glitter piece in different sizes, the glitter comes in blue, green, pink and silver.

The base is very dark once you have a couple of layers on (these photos are two coats over yesterday's Mauve Suede) which gives a really interesting effect with the glitter.

I found it pretty hard to photograph, it was much prettier in person than it seems in these shots, possibly due to the horribly dull weather and lack of sunshine.

A quick close up so you can see the lovely glitter.


  1. Looks gorgeous on you :) what a bargain too!! x

  2. Haha I just picked this up in Glasgow (Watt Bros) yesterday!!!!!! Paid 50p for it!

    Looks good :-)

    1. I've never looked in Watt Bros for varnish, I may have to change that now! :D

  3. Nice, it looks like an indie polish with its various sized glitter chunks :)