Saturday, 6 April 2013

Superdrug Conditioning Cuticle Oil Pen with Vitamin E

I added this to my recent Superdrug order of In Vogue Feather Effect polishes (which you can see here) on a whim.  While I was Googling for more info on the polish I found various links to a budget beauty item which had been recommended in Vogue.  I figured that at £2.99 for 7ml of cuticle oil and a nifty little applicator it wouldn't do any harm to try it out
The pen features a screw off lid, on the top of the lid is a textured hoof stick for using to push back your cuticles after you've applied the oil.

Once you screw off the lid you reveal the brush which is used to apply the oil to your nails.  A gentle squeeze of the tube fills up the brush and then it's just a case of brushing it around each nail bed and cuticle.  Once your done the lid screws back on to stop any messy escape of the oil.

The oil has a nice light texture to it and applies well with the little brush.  There is a soft, subtle scent to it which I can't quite place, maybe slightly almondy?  It's very inoffensive anyway.
Initial results seem good, the oil sinks in fast and isn't too greasy on my hands, time will tell whether it's a wonder product but for £2.99 it's a handy little item to have on my desk (I also have one beside my bed and I'm considering a third for my handbag) so I'm pretty pleased by my purchase.

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