Monday, 22 April 2013

Kiko 344 & 298 OR Another reason I love Kiko...

I'm not hugely impressed with how this manicure turned out but I think it's worth posting for another reason, it perfectly demonstrates one of the reasons I love Kiko polishes so much. 
I took these pictures after a day of sanding down gloss covered woodwork in my kitchen, an arduous task which was not kind to my nails, nail varnish and sandpaper are not good friends.
But even after a days hard labour; sanding, scrubbing and having my hands in and out of water countless times the polish still looks relatively presentable.
You can see a little bit of tip wear and a couple of minor cracks but overall they look pretty good, I certainly wouldn't have been ashamed to go out with them looking like this like I am when polish chips or flakes off badly.

It's a testament to the staying power and great wear time of almost every Kiko polish I have ever tried, they apply so nicely and more than that they last really well, even after a day of seriously hard on the nails work they still look presentable.
I used 344 as the base and then topped with 298 which is a sort of glass flecked topper style polish and while it's not one of my favourite colour combinations I think it's worthy of a post based on it's toughness and tenacity in the face of some pretty horrible DIY.

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