Sunday, 28 April 2013

Ask a British Nail Blogger - How do you store your polish?

This is the second "Ask a British Nail Blogger" I have taken part in, and this one is a bit of a cheat on my part, I have to admit.  I did a post on how I stored my polish collection fairly recently so I'm going to use this post as a chance to link to that again and also expand a bit on other storage solutions I have when it comes to my collection.
First up, how I store my actual polish bottles.  Like many other nail bloggers / polish hoarders I use a Helmer from Ikea (two in fact!)

The Helmer is a set of 6 drawers on wheels, although you can easily leave the wheels off to stop them moving around or if you want to stack them.  You can see a detailed post of how I organise my Helmers here.  But basically it's broken down like so:

Helmer 1 - Drawer 1:  Reds, Yellows, Oranges & Golds
Helmer 1 - Drawer 2:  Pinks
Helmer 1 - Drawer 3:  Purples
Helmer 1 - Drawer 4: Blues
Helmer 1 - Drawer 5: Tools, Cotton Wool, Top Coats, Thinner
Helmer 1 - Drawer 6: Nail Art

Helmer 2 - Drawer 1: Greens
Helmer 2 - Drawer 2:  Nude, Brown, Black & Silvers
Helmer 2 - Drawer 3:  Toppers and glitter top coats
Helmer 2 - Drawer 4: New, unswatched polishes
Helmer 2 - Drawer 5: Stamping plates and supplies
Helmer 2 - Drawer 6: Extra removers and moisturisers

You can click through on the link to see photos of what it all looks like in place.

Next up, I thought I would also link back to how I store my stamping plates, keeping them in folders has made life so much easier, and tidier, for me so I thought the post I did on how I organised them was worth linking to again too; you can see it here.

I have two folders now, one slightly larger than the other, which hold all of my stamping plates.

Finally I thought I would also include a bit about my Swatchicles, and a link to the full post about them as I find them invaluable in keeping my stash organised.  The one downside to the Helmers is that you can't see what you have in them without opening the drawers and looking through so having my Swatchicles on hand is a simple way to see exactly what colours I have at a glance.  See the full post on them here.

So, a slightly cheaty post as this is more a selection of links to older posts but I think between the three of them they explain pretty comprehensively how I store my polish collection and accessories.

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