Monday, 13 August 2012

XL Stamper

I've read a fair amount online, on various blogs, nail forums and groups, about the XL Stampers that are available.  They are apparently much better for full nail images or larger designs as they have a bigger stamping area.  Also, the fact they are made from a much softer silicone means that they will mould all the way round more rounded nails, like mine, ensuring full, even coverage from your stamps.  This video on YouTube show off how it works.
I got mine from this eBay seller, who it turns out I had previously bought from under a different name via her e-crater store.  Delivery was fast, the item was well packed and a good price so I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her if you are looking to buy one.
In the set you get the stamper and two plastic scrapers.

As you can see it has a large surface area, large enough to pick up the whole of even the biggest full nail designs without cutting off corners.

Initially I struggled a little to get this stamper to work well, I had to lightly file the surface to make it grippy enough to pick up the images and I also had to wedge it harder into the base to stop the top stamping surface from popping out.  Both of those issues are well documented online and are not too hard to sort out.

Now that I've had the chance to use it a few times I do really like this stamper, it is great for full nail designs as you can just push your nail onto and into the soft stamp to make sure it's fully covered rather than having to roll back and forth.

I do still use my regular Konad stamper sometimes as I find it a bit easier for some smaller designs and certain polishes pick up better onto it but in general I am very happy with the XL stamper and can't wait to try it out on the new larger Cheeky images which are being released soon.


  1. love your blogg its a great read i am considering buying the xl stamper as i also have deep nail beds and sometimes struggle getting the stamp right to the edge do you prefer the konad or ther xl stamper

  2. I use both but I do prefer the XL stamper now, it took a little while to get used to it but now I am used to it I really love it, it's so much better for curved nails, you just press down into the squishy pad of the stamper and it cover the whole nail.

    I do sometimes still use my Konad stamper because it sometimes picks up certain polishes better but for the main part I love the XL, there's no harm having both though. ;)