Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Nails Inc Sprinkles Dupes by W7 - Comparison & Review

There have been quite a few posts on beauty blogs recently about these W7 polishes as they are similar in finish to the new Nails Inc Sprinkles collection.
Although they do have a similar finish they don't copy the colourways of the Nails Inc collection exactly.  There are 3 W7 polishes Lava Flow, Mosaic & Salt n Pepper.

Lava Flow is a milky white polish with red and black glitter through it.  Mosaic is the only polish of the collection to exactly recreate a Nails Inc colour, it is a very good and much less expensive alternative to Pudding Lane. Finally there is Salt n Pepper which is similar to Sugar House Lane in that it is a neutral base with black glitter but not quite the same as the Nails Inc version is a more minky brown shade of polish and also includes silver glitter whereas W7's version is more of a straight black and white.

Mosaic on the nail:

I have been into Nails Inc and compared Mosaic with Pudding Lane and they are exactly the same colour wise, both the base shade and the glitter are exact dupes.  So much so that the sales assistant refused to believe it wasn't Pudding Lane I was wearing.
Here are the Nails Inc Collection (minus Pudding Lane which I don't own due to it being exactly the same as Mosaic). 

Sugar House Lane is a minky beige with black and white glitter, Sweets Way is a milky white with silver, pink and light blue glitter and Topping Lane is a bright pink with silver, pink and blue glitter.

Sweets Way on the nail:

Topping Lane on the nail:

Application wise there is not much it it between these two brands.  Both cover in 2 coats but look better, in my opinion, with a third for full coverage.  They both wear well and neither chipped in the time I had them on (although that was a maximum of 3 days as I was so keen to try them all out when they arrived).  Both feel slightly gritty when they are dry and definitely benefit from a couple of coats of top coat if you like a smooth feel to your nails.

I prefer the colours of the Nails Inc collection personally, with the exception of Mosaic, but for the price the W7 ones are excellent similar style glitter polishes and prove that there is no need to spend £11 on a bottle of polish to get this particular look.

I bought my W7 polishes at Nail Polish Direct who I wouldn't hesitate to recommend, they have free P&P which I LOVE in a website, great prices and my package arrived within a couple of days really well wrapped.  I'll definitely be using them again.

Here are nail claw swatches of all the Sprinkle style polishes I have:

One word of warning, removal of both brands is messy:

I was planning on posting this comparison review when I had swatched all of the colours from both collections but time has got away from me and I only have so many nails, so I've decided to post now and update as and when I have swatched and worn all the colours.


  1. Love this post! And your blog in general! Thank you for all the info and GREAT pics of the Nails Inc and W7 polishes - so cool!

    I only heard about W7 today! There are SOOOO many different brands of polishes!!! Sometimes it's like, "!&%$@*#, how can I keep up with all of these, man??!!!" But it's fun to see all the colors and amazing textures and creations that people can create! And that bloggers can capture in photo and video and writing (I tried blogging - EPIC FAIL - loved it but it immediately became the great time suckage and drained every last vestige of energy and motivation became redirected before I even realized it!!!

    I just stopped doing it after a brief time because I was exhausted and was neglecting everything else in general - my poor husband! my poor everyone!

    Couldn't get a hang of the balance that the "real" bloggers have but I respect and love you all so much MORE now even than before for what you do - it's an art form!

    Sorry for the super long comment!!! *Blushes*


    Ahhh! Almost forgot! I don't think Nail Polish Direct sends to US. So sad. Don't think the US can get W7 polish from anywhere... :( Oh well.

    1. Thank you! I'm not sure how good my blogging / real life balance is, I've abandoned the poor thing for the last week while on holiday! Looking forward to getting back into it now though. Thanks for your lovely comment. x