Friday, 31 August 2012

Color Club - Total Mystery

Today I am wearing one of the Color Club (Alter Ego, Keep It Under Cover) collection that I picked up at TK Maxx, Total Mystery (911), it's a lovely shimmery purpley blue shade with blue and pink glitter through it.  Unfortunately neither the colour nor the glitter show very well in photographs.  It looks a lot more purple in real life than in these pictures.
I'm a little disappointed with how this polish went on, it was quite thick and gloopy and seemed to start to dry on the brush while I was trying to apply it, three careful coats evened it up though and I do think it was worth the less than perfect application for the resulting colour.
I suspect this might be the sort of polish which looks much better in the sun, with a flash you can see how glittery and sparkly it is so I think in direct sunlight this shade would really sparkle, unfortunately this being Scotland it's unlikely to happen.
In a softer light you can see the pink glitter a little better too, this is much more apparent in real life but yet again my photography skills and camera let me down (as do my clean up skills, there's top coat all over my fingers in this shot).
Those of you who are extra observant may notice a slight difference in nail length from the other day, it seems I don't get any better at just trimming my nails with time.  I don't have the patience to get them all nice and even and the same length so although I start out with good intentions of just having a little trim or giving them a file it always seems to lead to very short nails, like these, they don't half making typing more pleasant though!

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